Book Portret Rotterdam

40 drawings, interviews and dreams

City Artist 2020

Book Portret Rotterdam

I proudly present my first book with live drawn portraits and interviews with Rotterdam citizens. (only available in Dutch)


An overview of my latest projects

About Frank

Drawing people is a true passion for Frank. He has been enjoying this for more than 8 years now and is always looking for new challenges, on paper, a wall, digitally or otherwise.

His expertise is to draw fast enough and quickly capture the portrait of a whole person from head to toe. Clothing, body language and someone’s face say a lot about a person. His style is a mix of realistic and cartoonlike.

Frank’s background is illustration and visual arts. Throughout the years he has had a lot of experience with various materials and projects. Woodworking being one of his favorites and creating art and light objects.

Nowadays he likes to draw digitally on an iPad Pro or on large paper using markers and is developing as a performance artist.